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Specializing in Chinese Cuisine.


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I've ordered from here dozens of time. I ALWAYS order the fried chicken wings -- I cannot explain quite why, but they are superb and crispy and delicious. And the spare ribs are excellent too. They always come quickly and the food is reliable.


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Love love the food here. We lived around the neighborhood over 10years, been always ordering at this place. Food was better and better in time and fresh. Can't go wrong for a quick Chinese take out and fast delivery!


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Chicken wings were delicious. The house special fried rice had alott of shrimps pork chicken etc. Reminds me of the Chinese restaurants in Washington heights. This was pretty darn good and they came in 10 mins.


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Food was excellent! Ordered Udom, Pad Thai, chicken w/cashew...egg rolls amazing! On time, big portions...asked for chopsticks, but didn't include in delivery. Overall I highly recommend this place.


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Pretty quick deliver. Food was good. Given fortune cookies with order which was a plus because most of the time you have to request them. Definitely ordering from here again.

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Laura Lee

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Delivery: super speedy - really happy with the delivery time. Guy was polite too! Food: excellent steamed dumplings (they come with dumpling sauce which was not quite clear on the menu); we liked the orange beef and the General Tso's chicken very much. The egg roll was ok. The wonton soup was also excellent. This will be our go to Chinese in midtown East.


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These wonderful magicians not only cooked up some amazing food, but in a feat that could only be possible with time travel or teleportation technology, delivered it to my door within 11 minutes of ordering. Order from this place, if for no other reason than that you'll want to be on their side when they take over the world with their futuristic gadgets.


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Excellent!! The food is always GREAT and on time if not EARLY! I order for them anytime I'm looking for Chinese food. I get the steamed Chicken and Veggies with brown sauce on the side- delicious! Also we get mei fun with chicken and edamame. Enjoy!


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The food came in 13 minutes. I don't know how that's even possible. We ordered a steamed "healthy" dish with shrimp and vegetables. We got the "ginger sauce" on the side. Oh my lord, it's delicious. I ate some on rice the next day. Really good.


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Disgusting ... The Soggiest General Tso Ives ever had... I get that their are some containers that Do not promote crispness because the steam in the plate but the Food was FLAVORLESS AND JUST PLAIN NOT GOOD!!

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